Mystery Mammal Discovered in Borneo

New Scientist Breaking News – Mystery mammal discovered in Borneo’s forests

Mystery mammal discovered in Borneo’s forests* 00:01 06 December 2005
* news service
* Shaoni Bhattacharya

The new beast, with its dark red fur and long tail, could be a new species of marten or civet, or belong to a new group entirely.

Experts are mystified by the new creature, with some saying it looks like a civet, and others say that it resembles a lemur. Even the natives haven’t seen it before! More…

Find the above photo and another of the mystery animal (in higher resolution) here.

I’m betting on  it being a Fossa.

Check out the resemblance to the Madagascar Fossa:

There is research that shows that half of the human population of Madagascar came from Borneo around about a thousand years ago… So it isn’t THAT improbable that someone brought a couple of Fossa ancestors to Madagascar! (or even just one pregnant female)

An article regarding the migration of people from Madagascar to Borneo can be found here.


One Response to Mystery Mammal Discovered in Borneo

  1. interested person says:

    couldnt this species just be a golden-mantled tree kangaroo? like the one found in the Indonesias Foja mountians? The expedition in December 2005.

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