New Monkey GENUS Discovered in Africa

An update from BBC news- it’s a completely new GENUS!

original post:

New monkey species discovered in Africa

New Baboon Relative

* 19:00 19 May 2005
* news service
* Bob Holmes

A new monkey species genus related to the baboon has been found in the highland forests of Tanzania.

Lophocebus kipunji, the Highland Mangabey is one of three recently discovered and threatened species found in the Ndundulu Forest.
The monkey was discovered almost simultaneously by two research teams on separate mountain ranges and is the first new African monkey to be found in more than 20 years. It also instantly becomes one of the rarest and most critically endangered primates on Earth.

Find the full original article here

Find a longer, more detailed article from the National Science Foundation here…

Look above for a link to the BBC news article announcing genus status.


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