“Lost World” of New Species Found in Indonesia

the rarest arboreal, jungle-dwelling kangaroo in the world

“During a 15-day stay at a camp they had cut out of the jungle, the conservationists found a trove of animals never before documented…

The golden-mantled tree kangaroo (pictured above) is just one of dozens of species discovered in late 2005 by a team of Indonesian, Australian, and U.S. scientists on the island of New Guinea.

The animal is the rarest arboreal, jungle-dwelling kangaroo in the world, the researchers say.

.. Within minutes of landing, the scientists encountered a bizarre, orange-faced honeyeater bird. It proved to be a new bird species, the first discovered in New Guinea since 1939.

…A botanical team collected more than 550 plant species, including at least five previously unknown woody plant species. Entomologists encountered more than 150 insect species, including four new ones.

…Reptile experts documented 60 different kinds of frogs, including more than 20 new species. Including a tiny frog less than 14 millimeters (0.6 inch) long.”

Find the full National Geographic article with lots more info- and photos of some of the newly discovered animals here.


12 Responses to “Lost World” of New Species Found in Indonesia

  1. […] Note: This is a heavily cut version of an excellent article at the Conservation International website. There was quite a bit of interesting information which I edited out simply to keep it short. I strongly recommend reading the original. There are also previous entries about new species from the Foja Mountains in this blog. […]

  2. Andrés says:

    I hope that all species will be fine i Indonesia. That’s all I got to say.

  3. blaadje says:

    Thanks for this great post, it was just the missing info that i was looking for, for my study



  4. jessica says:

    how is this a bird it looks more like a cat mixed with a possum i am confused , does the thing even have wings ? / it is very cute tho id take one for a pet anyday 🙂

  5. zaxy says:

    jessica- thank you so much for your comment- somehow i missed that bit when i quoted the article! Interesting that you are the first and only person to mention it!! THANK YOU!
    (fixing it now!)

  6. Anonymous says:

    it’s so cute. are they dangrous?

  7. dan says:

    i pray to god to guard them safely.

  8. jacod says:

    asome nice need this for my project or lo its cruel too put a rope round its legs and it is cute

  9. Anonymous says:

    so cute is it mean

  10. katie says:

    the picture is super cute!

  11. andrew says:

    i am amazed and dumbfounded. there is still so much to learn from out habitat called earth.

  12. Koekiemonster says:

    Is that kangaroo-thing endangered? I need it for my werkstuk (don’t know the English word)

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