Britain Still Discovering New Species…

New species discovered in the Cairngorms
A previously unknown insect has been discovered in the Cairngorm mountains, as well as more than 20 plants, invertebrates and fungi species new to Britain.

The tiny black Christii fly (Ectaetia Christii), which measures just 2mm long and lives under the bark of dead aspen trees, was found during research for a new book released today. The book includes details the 223 species mainly found in the Cairngorms and some 1,153 species for which the Cairngorms are nationally important.

“Scotland is famed for the richness of its wildlife and it is remarkable that, given current scientific knowledge, we are still finding new species to add to that wealthy diversity,” said Rhona Brankin, Deputy Minister for Wildlife.

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Did scientists find this species just in time? For a very interesting article about the effects global warming is having on the Cairngorms, visit Climate Change Action at for an on-the-scene perspecitve from Calvin Jones.


2 Responses to Britain Still Discovering New Species…

  1. Verd says:

    Nicely done, or started anyway, since they found previously thought extinct species in Cuba, are we sure there aren’t any more of those carnivorous kangaroos chomping tourists gone walk about?

  2. Calvin Jones says:

    Just read a rather interesing article in the Independant today about the Cairngorms.

    I live in Ballater (well withing the Cairngorm National Park).

    I`m also interested in climate change so this was doubly interesing to me.

    Article + My Thoughts

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