Beautiful New Bird Species Found!

brushfinch.jpgA brightly coloured bird has been discovered on a remote mountain range in South America. The Yariguies Brush Finch has striking black, yellow and red plumage, and represents a new avian species.

Atlapetes latinuchus yariguierum, differs from its closest relatives by having a black back and no white markings on its wings.

Read entire article at The Daily Mail.brushfinch1.jpg


7 Responses to Beautiful New Bird Species Found!

  1. anya says:

    Are any of us as beautiful as these birds? I doubt it – no make up – no nose jobs – no tummy tucks – no hair dye – just nature’s beauty to behold. Thank you for introducing me to your love of birds and a new world for me to explore. Take care of yourself. Anya

  2. Ralphy says:

    I wonder how it tastes with butter?

  3. Mr Buzzard says:

    I wonder how Ralphy tastes with butter? 🙂

  4. Amy says:

    Absolutely stunning little creature!

  5. Paula says:

    Absolutely gorgeous finch!!

  6. karifalmiche says:

    i think i have seen that bird in Levanto-Chachapoyas Peru

  7. Sally says:

    His is on my computer’s wall paper! What a beautiful creation!

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