Two Species of Extinct Tortoise Found in Captivity!


“In 1997 two supposedly `extinct’ species of Seychelles giant tortoise (Dipsochelys arnoldi and D. hololissa) were rediscovered in captivity in Seychelles. Both species had been thought to be extinct since 1840. The survivors have now been brought together into a captive-breeding project as part of the Silhouette Conservation Project of the Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles. Courtship and mating have been observed and it is hoped that breeding will start in the near future. The project is continuing to search for further survivors to improve the breeding and survival prospects for these critically endangered species. In the long term it is hoped that both species can be brought back from the edge of extinction and reintroduced to secure reserves in Seychelles.”

Read the full article by Justin Gerlach at International Zoo News.

Find a shorter, more entertaining version of the above article (by the same author) at the British Chelonia Group’s website.


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