Smile For the Camera!


June 26, 2007
Original Article by Christine Dell’Amore
National Geographic News

“…The rare recurve-billed bushbird, recently rediscovered by scientists in Colombia after a 40-year absence, sports a curving beak that gives the illusion of an enigmatic smile.

This photograph, taken by a conservationist with the Colombia-based nonprofit Fundación ProAves, is the first ever taken of a live bushbird.

The elusive species had not been spotted between 1965 and 2004, due to its limited range and remote habitats. It was seen recently in Venezuela and in a region of northeastern Colombia, where it was photographed. …”
Read entire article at National

For more about the Recurve-billed Bushbird:

Several more photos at the American Bird Conservancy website.

A great article with more details at Wildlife Extra.

On the same expedition, researchers also got these great first-ever shots of the Perija (Todd’s) Parakeet, which is an “exceptionally rare” species:












Photos of the Perija Parakeet at the Am. Bird Conservancy website.


An article from ProAves about the two species and the expedition.


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