New Snake, Butterfly, and 9 Others Found in Vietnam

The tropical forests of Vietnam are throwing open their secrets, as scientists discover 11 new species including two types of butterfly and a snake.

The species, which also include five orchids and three other plants, are exclusive to the remote area in the centre of the country known as the “Green Corridor”, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) charity said.orchidaspidistra.jpg

A further 10 kinds of plant, including four orchids, are still being examined but are thought to be new species.

The WWF said the animals and plants, found in forests in the Annamites Mountains of Thua Thien Hue province where several mammal species were discovered in the 1990s, could represent the “tip of the iceberg” of new species.

Find the original article at the Daily Mail.


5 Responses to New Snake, Butterfly, and 9 Others Found in Vietnam

  1. raj says:

    Very Interesting! It’d be good if you write about Tigers as well. There are at best 2500 Indian Tigers and 1000 Siberian Tigers on the planet. It’d be a tremendous loss if this beautiful species dies out because of us Humans…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Came across this site and wanted to say how hopeful it made me feel! What you have complied here is awes inspiring. We know so much, yet know so little. Thats not a bad thing, that should fill us with wonder. I am sending the “mule gives birth” article to a friend struggling with infertility. Anything is indeed possible:o)

  3. zaxy says:

    Raj- i understand how you feel- tigers have been my personal favorite from early childhood. it’s true that they’re coming very close to extinction, and may yet be lost to us.

    Please keep your eye out- tho there isn’t likely to be a new species of tiger discovered (tho there may! since they recently found a new species of spotted leopard, coming soon to a blog near you!)— as i was saying, tho we aren’t likely to find a new species of tiger, this site is also about “Other Natural Wonders”… if anything along those lines comes up having to do with tigers, i rely on YOU to alert me to it, so i can get it posted!!

    In the mean time, there are many, many, MANY sites out there dedicated to our beloved majesties. Keep the faith with me, Raj… and with us all!


  4. zaxy says:

    Anonymous- you are so right, and thank YOU so much for your message. Wish your friend the best for me- one thing i’ve learned just since starting this site is that as you said-“Anything is indeeed POSSIBLE.”

    all my best,


  5. Anonymous says:

    can u write more?

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