Several New Species Found in Guyana

Ok, all- this is a big one. I’m posting the heads up (kindly forwarded to me by the Amateur Naturalist),  and will post more specifics if and when they come available:

from BBC News online:

An expedition to the rainforests of Guyana has discovered species new to science.

A team of researchers and wildlife film-makers spent six weeks searching the pristine forest as part of a BBC documentary.

The group believes it has revealed two fish species, one frog species and a number of bat flies that have not been described previously.

The finds are detailed in the BBC series Lost Land of the Jaguar.

The three-part documentary includes footage of the elusive South American cat.

Dr George McGavin (BBC)

Dr George McGavin was astonished at the variety of life on show

“In a short time, we caught hundreds of species, 10% of which may be new to science. It was unreal, unbelievable,” exclaimed Dr George McGavin, a zoologist and one of the four presenters of the documentary.

He added: “Catching is the easy bit, the hard bit is going back to the lab and examining the species, comparing them to collections and books – seeing if they are new to science. One hour in the field can equal hundreds of hours in the lab.”


6 Responses to Several New Species Found in Guyana

  1. Jack Hynes says:

    It’s been a really good series. Lots of totally pristine surroundings unfished/unfarmed/unknown. I don’t think any of it would have been possible though without the help of the local guides who were often at the forefront of finding the species for the scientists. It’s a shame they get no recognition.

  2. zaxy says:

    Thanks for the comment, Jack! It’s true that without guides supplying local knowledge, most ‘new’ species would never get discovered before extinction.

    I think it’s important to remember though, that media focuses on the ‘high points’ and tends to ignore the more ‘mundane’ topics. I’ve read plenty of writeups by those researchers who have made the species identifications, and they never fail to mention or even effusively praise their sources and guides.

    The story is all in how it’s told, right?
    All the best,

  3. kenny says:

    well i haven’t gotten much from that LITTLE info but i guess u tried to make the website interesting i gotta hand it to ya but next time we want very and i mean VERY valuable info

    • zaxy says:

      UM… did you NOT see the link to the original article?
      I include links in ALL of my posts, as i have made it clear i am not the expert nor the reporter. i am a collector of topical articles. If you don’t find what you need in the links, Google is a handy tool.

  4. Sunny! says:

    @ kenny,
    do bother clicking those blue colored links for detailed info. As zaxy already said.

    By the way, zaxy, you got some really nice stuff on this website. I love it! Very interesting, curious, and informative.

  5. Andy says:

    Really cool blog, I love it.

    (from editor: thanks for your cheers, andy!)

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