Hairy-Nosed Otter Rediscovered!

Rare otter species ‘found in Vietnam’

This handout photo received on September 18 shows a hairy-nosed otter (Lutra sumatrana) in U Minh Ha National Park, in Vietnam’s Ca Mau province, in March 2008. Researchers said Thursday that they have found two hairy-nosed otters, which have been listed as the world’s rarest species, in the national park in southern Vietnam.

Scientists came across the pair in U Minh Ha National Park in March, according to a statement from the Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program.

“We were only about two and half metres away from them when we spotted the two otters. It was truly amazing to see such a rare species in the wild,” said research officer Nguyen Van Nhuan.

Hairy-nosed otters were thought to be extinct in the 1990s. However, they have since been rediscovered in Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia.

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One Response to Hairy-Nosed Otter Rediscovered!

  1. Maina says:

    Hey, I am so glad I Stumbled-upon this blog. I didn’t know anything about Vietnam (except that the Americans went to fight there in the 70s). I definitely didnt know that Vietnam had a park called U Minh Ha National Park.

    What is most amazing though is how little we know about the planet we call home. I appreciate your work since you are a comrade in the war against extinction.

    Keep up the good work.

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