Tiny Indonesian Primate Rediscovered– NOT extinct (yet)!

From Mongabay.com:1119tar1

Scientists have rediscovered a long-lost species of primate on a remote island in Indonesia.

Conducting a survey of Mount Rore Katimbo in Lore Lindu National Park on the island of Sulawesi, a team led by Sharon Gursky-Doyen of Texas A&M University captured three pygmy tarsiers, a tiny species of primate that was last collected in 1921 and was assumed to be extinct until 2000 when two scientists studying rats accidently trapped and killed an individual. Gursky-Doyen’s team spent two months using 276 mist nets to capture the gremlin-like creatures so they could be fitted with radio collars and tracked. One other individual was spotted but eluded capture.

Pygmy tarsiers are among the smallest and rarest primates in the world. The species is distinguished from tarsiers by its diminutive size (50 grams) and its fingers which 0628sulawesihave claws instead of nails, which Gursky-Doyen believes may be an adaptation to its mossy habitat some 7,000-8,000 feet (2,100-2,440) about sea level.

Read the full article, and find many more great photos (and a video!) of the pygmy tarsier at mongabay.com!

(thanks to mongabay for providing the great photos and map!)


9 Responses to Tiny Indonesian Primate Rediscovered– NOT extinct (yet)!

  1. Rocknroll says:

    Every time I find that a new species was (re)discovered it makes me happy that I exist on such a wonderful planet with such a variety of unbelievable creatures. It seems like God works day and night…

  2. Susana says:

    Hello!, I’m a fan of your blog, like very much the idea of telling about new species and found survivors, it is very encouraging.

  3. Those things are so cool looking! Hopefully they are poised to make a strong recovery. Cool blog, found it on stumbleupon.

  4. Carita says:

    Great articles. I love reading this blog. It inspires hope.

  5. tordon says:

    Seems like if a small primate like this can survive ,then there may be hope for humanity

  6. Dave Huehn says:

    Hey, I love your blog. I’ve got an RSS feed for it.

    I thought you might be interested in this video/article by the BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_depth/7860561.stm


  7. […] Here is the original: Tiny Indonesian Primate Rediscovered– NOT extinct (yet)! […]

  8. isa says:

    im a fan of your page. but this one — the tarsiers are here in my country – the philippines and we do have lots of them in bohol, and other places here. we even have a place in bohol where tourists can take photos with the tarsiers.. i don’t think this isn’t a rediscovery because they were never really extinct

    • zaxy says:

      Thank you, isa! Remember please, that there are MANY species of Tarsiers, and that it’s this specific species of Pygmy Tarsier that was ‘rediscovered’. Again, if you (or anyone else) know of an area where this particular species can be found in the wild, I STRONGLY recommend you contact the researcher cited in the article, and let them know! I’m most certain they will be extremely grateful for any tips or leads that could lead to more information on the species they’re studying! 🙂

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