Fish With Transparent Head, “Barrel” Eyes

That’s not a drawing. That’s the real photo.


“The beady bits on the front of the Pacific barreleye fish in this picture released February 23, 2009, aren’t eyes but smell organs. The grayish, barrel-like eyes are beneath the green domes, which may filter light. In this picture the eyes are pointing upward—the better to see prey above in the darkness of the barreleye’s deep-sea home. Since the eyes are upright tubes, “it just looked like [they only] looked straight up,” MBARI marine technician Kim Reisenbichler said. But by watching live fish from a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and by bringing a barrelfish to an aquarium for study, the scientists discovered that the eyes can pivot, like a birdwatcher pointing binoculars.”
Read more at National Geographic.

9 Responses to Fish With Transparent Head, “Barrel” Eyes

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  2. ryanopaz says:

    […] Fish With Transparent Head, “Barrel” Eyes · […]

  3. fiona says:

    you can see what’s in its head
    so cool

  4. rajat says:

    wow… simply superb.

  5. Dayantina@Tina says:

    waw….thats great…wonderful

  6. Medi Garnida says:

    beautiful fish. luv it

  7. […] read more about this and other recently found species, visit “Free Your Imagination” which most appropriately invites us to see that nature does exceed the limits of our imagination. […]

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