1,068 Species Discovered in South East Asia!

The incredibly pink Dragon Millipede is able to shoot cyanide.


It’s one of over a thousand species found in the Greater Mekong in the past 10 years- that’s an average of 2 new species found per week for 10 years!

Find more info at WWF online!


8 Responses to 1,068 Species Discovered in South East Asia!

  1. Mr. Ilarijs says:

    Any new squirrel species?

  2. Beautiful! I’m always amazed at God’s creatures.

  3. snowmenrocks says:

    This was very interesting

  4. andrew says:

    a native of africa a citizen of the world!! and still
    each passing day i never cease to imagine the power of
    GOD and his child called nature, because there are still more parts of this earth we haven’t covered.

  5. chelsalea says:

    this is pretty awesome. i actually gathered my whole family into the computer room to come and see. this entire website is just so interesting. i love the fact that nature never ceases to amaze me 🙂

  6. Adam says:

    I’ve seen the info on the new Striped Rabbit species they found. As a huge rabbit fan I think it’s a bit of a bummer they are so rare. It would be interesting to see what would come of cross breeding the Striped Rabbit with a Florida White rabbit, to get the same pattern here in the U.S. without damaging or hurting the wild nature of the Striped Rabbit over there.

  7. Jacquelyn Bulkowski says:

    If we truely just put it the effort we could save so much. I am very impressed with the work that is being done but just one thing… can we kill of that spider cuz that is like my worst nightmare brought to fluision… aracniphobe sorry

  8. Forest_GS says:

    The hot-pink millipede that produces cyanide scares me. I probably would of had nightmares if they showed video of the thing moving.
    It kinda make me think about Gundams for some reason o.o’

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