Leaf-like Sea Slug Can Photosynthesize!

A green sea slug found off North America’s east coast not only looks like a leaf, but can also make food out of sunlight, just like a plant.

via CBC News – Technology & Science – Leaf-like sea slug feeds on light.

47 Responses to Leaf-like Sea Slug Can Photosynthesize!

  1. Very cool. Lynn Margulis pretty much predicted the existence of these animals years ago via her theory of endosymbiosis. She’s been arguing for a long time that mitochondria and other organelles evolved from bacteria through a symbiotic relationship.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! Love the blog!

  3. sarah says:

    love this site… can’t wait to share it with my students!

  4. meditate33 says:

    Great article…Amazing sea slug.

  5. Nuno Dias says:

    apparently the beast reproduces by gene transfers. Queer little fellow.


    Editor’s Note:
    FASCINATING! thank you for this info!

  6. coulter says:

    i think we are looking for aliens in the wrong place… they are closer than we ever could have imagined

  7. paula says:

    Thank you for publishing something intelligent rather than insane beliefs. I hate going to a site that is of pure persuasion, rather than actual facts. I find it truly invigorating to read through your posts.

    =] Keep it up.

  8. Chalmers says:

    This is just incredible…evolution and adaptation at its finest. Just stumbled onto your blog and am very happy I did. Keep the good stuff coming

  9. tom warner says:

    Simply a general comment on the excellence of this site, which I just recently came upon, and I complement you. Fascinating stuff!

  10. Chris Erwin says:

    Love the blog,
    It’s the first thing I’ve read all the way through in a while, keep up the good work!

    Chris Erwin
    Secretary of KOPA(The Kentucky Outdoor Press Association)

  11. Diedra says:

    Fascinating! Kids will like this

  12. Roxie says:

    Wow, That is amazing!

    PS I love Jesus AND I love science….hmmm…

  13. Does it eat krill or something as well, or does photosynthesis supply all its energy needs.

    Fabulous blog, btw.

  14. Karthick says:

    This is amazing and interesting.

  15. Kiro says:

    I love this blog! Its like crypto zoology coming true with every new discovery! I love your efforts in posting these articles! Keep it up, i love reading!

  16. happyisthenewrich says:

    I absolutely love nature and all that planet earth has to offer. Think about it? If we’re still discovering stuff like this in the material realm, imagine how much we’re missing out on spiritually. We better hurry! We only have another 80 years (if we’re lucky). I’m almost 30 🙂

  17. B says:

    crazy!!! very interesting.

  18. Maja says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog and loved it, keep it up 😀

  19. Gclub says:

    able to synthesize chlorophyll like a plant, which makes it the first animal known to be capable of the feat. Amazing natural creation !

  20. very nice pic,great article,thnks for post.

  21. The Freshman says:

    Now if humans could somehow incorporate this I could be eating sunlight! Yummy!

  22. The sea slug is one more example of the mystery, majesty and creativity of God’s creation!

    This site is exciting, many thanks!

    Mary MMK

  23. Christian Odoi says:

    well thats really great this is my first time its wonderful.

  24. teamleaderPG says:

    yo! (coulter) UFOs are real i saw one in the 80s.also a common salamander can do the same thing.(Photosynthesize) pretty cool!!

  25. vicky says:

    wow then does this thing belong to the animal kingdom or the plant kingdom. or is it just a cast away

  26. Wow, another fantastic post, most interesting!

  27. Jesse says:

    The genes that are responsible for the proteins and enzymes that can fix the chloroplasts into the slugs cell membrane is an extraordinary idea. Very useful in the science of biofuel im sure — New Direction take alkane secreting bacterium and make them photosynthetic and efficient… May fuel the world someday in part from the genes of a slug.

  28. Erik says:

    Found this on Stumbleupon and love it! I hope you find time for it again!

  29. Val Garner says:

    Cool photo, but sea slugs gives me the willies!

  30. A. Smith says:

    Ditto what Chris Erwin said… I read all the way through and was amazed to be amazed the further down the page I got! I teach college ecology for non-science majors, and this may help engage my students. Thanks!

  31. RIPizzo says:

    Very interesting!!

  32. Lynnie says:

    Wow! This is great. I just joined and my like finger is tired.

  33. FR5Arief says:

    amazing, like this blog

  34. Sean says:

    Looks strangely familiar.

    (editor’s reply: lol *snicker*)

  35. anglina says:

    nice and informative….

  36. nightstar12190 says:

    this is so weird where did you find this its fascinating

  37. Brett says:

    F@!#ing incredible

  38. Avi Dey says:

    This is a valuable new find. I am wondering if there are nitrogen fixing bacterias associated with this ocean life form similar to the ones that we find with ttrees and plants ? May be we will now find new bacterias or other microbes not known previously and can be a source of medicine from the sea possibly.

    My Twitter ID: waldenthreenet

  39. Anji says:

    It’s incredible to see what creatures there are in the planet!

  40. Nitin says:


    I am running a similar project, that aims to use fables and films to create awareness about fragile ecosystems around the planet.

    Thought you might find it interesting. Our project is called ‘Enchanted Lands & Fables’

    Best wishes for your work,


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