Smallest orchid in the world

(From original article by Rachel Kaufman, via National Geographic News)

December 3, 2009–The world’s smallest known orchid (pictured)—just over 2 millimeters (0.08 inch) across and nearly see-through—has been discovered nestled in the roots of another flower in Ecuador

Lou Jost, an ecologist with the EcoMinga plant-conservation foundation, has studied the plants of the South American country’s mountainous forests for 15 years.

Earlier [in 2009] he’d collected an orchid of a larger species to study in his greenhouse. “Several months later I saw this tiny plant,” he said.

Find the rest of this article at National Geographic

Another article, from The Independent.


2 Responses to Smallest orchid in the world

  1. Marc MOREL says:

    Good picture, good news for orchid lovers, but You should say “among the smallest orchids in the world”, not “smallest orchid in the world”.

    Just a bit bigger than 2mm ? There are smaller orchids, in Madagascar for instance, where you can find (hardly and scarcely, you have to search and be lucky) orchids with flowers **under** 1mm in their biggest dimension and the complete plant between 1 and 2 cm (small Angraecums with many white/translucent flowers in a “big” < 1cm inflorescence.

    • zaxy says:

      thanks for the comment!
      if you know of an orchid that was discovered before the article was published that actually measured smaller, please supply the scientific name- or if like this one, it’s unnamed, some form of reference to the discovery, and i’ll most happily amend the article! 🙂

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